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partnering our clients

Every business is different. To really understand your brief, we will get to know you and your culture so we can deliver candidates who will add value. We genuinely believe in the creative industries and the businesses and people we service within it.

By knowing what it takes to make a business work well and how key roles need to succeed, we focus on the skills, personality and ambition our client really needs. We'll use all our experience to find and inspire the very best individuals, wherever they may be.

We work on all levels and scales of client briefs, placing equal priority to every one of them - whether you're a company inside or outside the sector, we prioritise looking for talented people to add value and knowledge to your business.

We believe every role is a crucial one - with every appointment potentially key to the success of our clients' future business. That's why we place a senior partner to lead every brief, to provide this personal service. We truly believe that there are no short cuts to long-term success.

Our company Partners have collectively almost 60 years' experience headhunting together. We are a tight-knit team with a reputation for honesty and integrity, openness and trust. We believe in ourselves and our business - understanding how roles work and how the right people can add real value.

We have a near 100% success rate when searching exclusively or retained. We are committed to maintaining this record and finding the right person for our clients.

We're proud that over 80% of our candidates get promoted at least once post-placement.

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"We are a business that relies on talent to a degree few others do. A consequence of this is that finding and recruiting the finest team takes on enormous strategic urgency for Siegel+Gale. Simon Mellor has earned a position as vital resource to our firm in Europe because of his own Sherlock-like abilities to find extraordinary people who want to take on exhilarating challenges. He and his firm The Mellor Partnership are true strategic partners with Siegel+Gale"

Howard Belk

Co-Ceo & chief creative officer

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